When people talk about the good old days, one would seldom think they’d be referring to something like web design. After all, what was good about the old days of slow-loading sites that paid more attention to appearance than actual functionality?

However, taking things back to those days as far as web design & development goes could very well be a good practice conceptually, simply because the basics of web design were adhered to in large part. We can explore all manner of examples as to why there is a need to take things back to basics, one of which is all the unnecessary “technologies” which are required to build a decent website that delivers on its primary function in this day and age.

Anyway, many end-clients don’t know this, but there is a right and a not-so-good way of getting your website done.

The advent of Content Management Systems (CMS) and DIY web building platforms

These days thanks to popular CMS platforms, pretty much anyone can build their own website and make it look really “beautiful,” so much so that in some cases you even have web design agencies popping up all over the place and they do nothing more than create websites for their clients using these CMS platforms and the templates that come with them.

Going back to basics with the pros and specialists

Simply put, if you want your website done right, unless you’ve dedicated your own life to mastering the subject of web design & development, you need to leave this specialised work to the pros, such as the ones in web design melbourne area. Sure, your knowledge and input on the subject is required, but ultimately that difference between your general knowledge and the specialists’ 15,000-hour collective knowledge and experience will be telling when it matters most, which is in the performance of your website.

There’s a reason why a specialist web development company charges quite a bit more than one which upon closer inspection is revealed to be some small-timer taking chances. In this particular instance the phrase “you get what you pay for” really applies and it goes beyond what the eye can see at face value. It goes way beyond what you see when you type in your URL address to your website in your web browser.

It’s not about how your site looks, or rather it’s not only about how your site looks. Rather, it’s about the ultimate purpose of your site and this is where the difference between the work done by some CMS template developer and a specialist web design & development company such as Plenty Of Pixels (read more at or other similar firms come to the fore.

What is the purpose of your website?

Even if it’s nothing more than an informational site, it’s always better to practice to have it developed by professional specialists who understand the entire scope of web development beyond the appearance. Some websites are harder to develop and design than others. For example, the cannabis business have a slim-line audience that they are trying to reach out to, so these businesses should look for cannabis website designers to gain the best result. CMS platforms are quite glaringly limited when it comes to customisation. For example, you can never truly have unique e-commerce or even a basic informational site if you’ve used a CMS template. Functionally, its purpose is more of a general one as opposed to a specific one, and we all know how much of a difference something like being able to customise your shopping cart checkout process can make to the bottom line, for instance.

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