According to the University of Oxford, out of 700 professions surveyed, telemarketing is the profession that’s most likely to be to be taken over by robots.

In their The Future of Employment report, which was published in September 2013, the most – and the least – likely professions to be taken over by Artificial Intelligence were identified.

Whilst telemarketers, tax preparers and data entry inputters were all listed as having a high probability of being taken over by A.I., at the other end of the scale were roles like choreographers, graphic designers, art directors and set and exhibit designers.

What is it about more creative pursuits that makes them harder to replicate with computers? Well, business stationery expert Precision Printing has found out, by interviewing five designers and seeing what makes them tick. In their Masters of Design interviews, they discover that creative people have so many different approaches – and so many things that inspire them – that it would be impossible to bring these qualities out in A.I.

In the series, you can read insights from varied and talented designers, including a dandypunk, Timba Smith, Ryan McElderry, Radim Malinic and Mike Kus.

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