Kinetic Locating possesses the ability detect and map out private utility lines prior to the process of excavation. The systems use very small multi-spectral cameras and software to map out the existence of utility lines. Kinetic is essentially determining whether or not a utility line is there based upon how that line interacts with the soil and other objects. Each piece of equipment contains multiple cameras that are linked wirelessly through a wireless IP network.

Kinetic is used to map utility lines on a piece of land, where utility lines have been buried in dirt or in concrete. Watching the process in action you will notice how the utility lines have been mapped out in a very detailed fashion with this system:

Determining the Zone of Privacy

When the construction of a new home begins, the homeowners usually use the topography of the land as their primary guideline for where to place the boundaries for what is called the privacy zone. This zone is typically 4-6 feet from the side of a building or house. With theKinetic Utility Locating Services, the camera system is deployed for a very specific purpose. The machine is deployed only where the utility lines are, and once they have been identified they are then mapped by the sensor in the machine. Kinetic is not to map the sewer lines, water lines or any other utility lines that are there.

This is important because in many parts of the country, utilities are buried in places where the public is not allowed. This includes sewers, water pipes and other electric and telephone lines. To the homeowner that is looking to protect their privacy, Kinetic is the way to go. This is a service that is incredibly beneficial to homeowners, especially with the upcoming “smart city” trend.

Utility Explorers

Utility Explorers, on the other hand, are small vehicles designed specifically to look at the area around utility lines. These vehicles ride on a dedicated track and travel over the ground until the utility lines are located. Utility Explorers do not track the sewer lines, water lines or electric and telephone lines.

Another benefit of utility locating systems is the fact that they do not create any interference with utilities. This is good for homeowners who do not have sewer or water or telephone lines in their property, but want to get the best map of their property that they can. That is the entire goal of a utility locating system.

Private Utility Locating

Most people looking for utility locating services will not have a reliable contractor to rely on. The big issue here is that most utility locating services are paid for by property owners who will go on their website and select whichever company they want. Many of these companies, such as Utility Locating Services are not the contractor that is on the front page of their company’s website. That is usually not the person who is going to install the tool, maintain it or even watch it in action.

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