Personal devices have caught on for businesses, with reports showing that 87% of employees use their own smartphones, 68% use their own tablets, and 79% use their own laptops. Unfortunately, many business owners have failed to keep pace with these developments. Mobile Device Management (MDM) refers to the administration of personal devices. Essentially, you will be able to monitor, manage, and secure them.

Here are just a few of the advantages.

Regulatory Compliance

If you don’t do your utmost to protect client and customer data, your system probably isn’t compliant. One of the central benefits of MDM services is that everything can be monitored and tracked from a central console. This gives the benefit of immediate malware detection, real-time tracking, secure browsing and application testing experience, and a swift response to any threats. MDM services also ensure that your network and devices are up to date on the latest privacy laws.

Supports BYOD

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is ideal for helping businesses cut costs and for keeping employees using the devices with which they are most familiar. However, security can be somewhat lax. MDM services can enforce security policies, such as strong password selection, across all devices.

Remote Management

It’s now possible to access documents and files provided by employees no matter where you are in the world. Whether in the next cubicle over or in different hemispheres, sharing is easy. MDM services take that capability further by allowing users to check the security of all mobile devices. You’ll also be able to exert remote control if there’s ever a problem. Smartphone reported stolen? You can remotely disconnect the device, disable access, and even wipe sensitive files.

Controlled Updates

One of the perennial problems with using so many mobile devices at once is ensuring that they are all up to date and using the same platforms and applications. Even an older version of the same application can cause problems, potentially disrupting the progression of an important project. MDM allows users or managed security services providers to keep all systems and devices up to date across the board.

MDM services may seem like an unnecessary expenditure, but allowing your team to make effective use of their devices without affecting your level of control over company data is more than worth the price.

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