Building a successful website is what all affiliate marketers should target, considering in 2020 there is growing competition in the industry. This is a convenient activity for those wanting to work from home without having to allocate many financial resources. Although not impossible, hard work and knowledge is required, as well as following several useful tips that can make a difference in the long run.

# Tip 1 Leverage your knowledge and expertise

On top of the skills that will need to be developed and are specific to the affiliate marketing industry, it would be critical that the website is focused on a sector that is familiar. Starting from scratch with no knowledge could be overwhelming. There are multiple keys to success in affiliate marketing, but beginners forget to keep things simple, especially at the beginning.

Once results start to show, the business can be scaled-up and new domains can be studied. Until then, relying on your already-established knowledge base would be appropriate, given the increased competition in the industry.

# Tip 2 Find a balance between high-quality content and product placement

Just because it is an affiliate marketing website that does not mean it should be packed with product placements. On the contrary, it would be critical to find the right balance with free high-quality content that provided added value to the end-user. People are bombarded with advertising all over the place, which is why offering valuable information without expecting anything in return will help in building a large audience.

It does not matter if it’s about ClickBank, forex affiliate programs, or other reliable platforms, the bottom line is that only by thinking about the customers will the website end up being successful.

# Tip 3 Focus on email marketing

Did you know that there are more than 3.8 billion email users globally? Focusing on email marketing is a great and cheap way to build an audience that will get access to all the new content published on the website. If the research and targeting are correct, the final result will be a higher conversion rate and less money spent on paid advertising.

Statistically speaking, previous buyers have a higher chance of returning to make a new purchase in the future, which is keeping an email database with all the past customers would be important.

# Tip 4 Optimize the website for a high conversion rate

Creating a sense of urgency, adding contact forms, or social proofs, are some of the ways to optimize the website for a high conversion rate. All that matters, in the end, is transparency and honesty, as the audience wants pieces of evidence suggesting the website can be reliable.

If you have trouble optimizing your website, or if you don’t know where to start refining your pages, you could conduct an audit. By following a simple cro audit checklist, you could pinpoint specific problems and figure out ways to fix them. At the end of the day, you should be able to provide a smooth experience to visitors and improve your conversion rate.

Making people trust you with their wallets does not come as a result of very complex marketing strategies, but by following simple methods with an already-proven track-record. For an affiliate marketing website that wants to be successful, the conversion rate should be one of the main metrics to determine whether the path forward is right or adjustments need to be made.

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