One of the most popular ways that you can use your Bitcoin is through online gambling and also one of the most popular ways that you can employ in order to earn Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is through online gambling. As such, you can see the importance of online gambling when it comes to Bitcoin.

Realising the positive working relationship between online gambling and Bitcoin, most casinos have become Bitcoin casinos (as you can find on i.e. they are casinos that accept Bitcoin as a payment method both for deposits and withdrawals.

As you already know in life, wherever there is a good thing there is also a bad thing. Some fraudsters have resorted to opening up fake Bitcoin casinos with the aim of ripping off unsuspecting players. Therefore, to guard against falling prey to these fraudsters, there are several things you need to look for at a Bitcoin casino before parting with your BTC (through depositing). The following are the top things you need to look for that determine if a Bitcoin casino is genuine or if it’s a fake.


The first and perhaps most important step that you can take in determining the authenticity of a btc casino is through checking and verifying its licensing information. All genuine Bitcoin casinos display their licensing information on the homepage, mostly at the bottom of the page. Before you start playing at any Bitcoin casino, head straight to the bottom of the page and check for licensing information. If you find the licensing details, then the casino is probably genuine. However, you can take one step further by verifying with the licensing body itself to see if indeed that particular casino is recognised and regulated as it suggests. There are some fake casinos which show licensing information on the bottom of the homepage while they are not recognised by the licensing bodies they purport to be registered under therefore due diligence is always a good thing.

Player Reviews

Odds are, you are not the first person playing at a particular casino, many others have played there before and many others will play after you. As such, take heed of the shared experiences of other players. Check if the online casino offers crypto thrills codes (or other bonuses), reliable payment options, and whether the players have a history of winning. If the casino is genuine, odds as, you are also going to see that from player reviews and if the casino is shoddy, then you are likely going to realize it from player reviews also. This, therefore, means you must visit as many review sites as you can such as so that you know for sure if you have reached a genuine Bitcoin casino or not.

Customer Support

Another crucial step that you can use in determining the authenticity of a Bitcoin casino is checking how responsive it is when you need online support. Genuine Bitcoin casinos do offer online support through various customer support channels and these channels are always open all day with agents ready to help you at any time. However, with fake casinos, they tend to offer few customer support channels and it may take forever for you to get an agent who can assist you. Therefore, it’s important for anyone to check the responsiveness of a casino before depositing Bitcoin.