Android 11 was released just a month ago, and it is already available for Android phones that will allow for its compatibility. But if you are a bit hesitant to upgrade your phone from Android 10 to Android 11, we have some of the top features of Android 11 that we are sure that you will enjoy as soon as you upgrade your phone.

Android 11 Best Features

To the disappointment of many who were expecting Android 11 to have a dessert name, it is unfortunate that Android 11 will simply be called Android 11 even though it’s best known for best online casino games. It seems as if Google has dropped the whole desserts name for their mobile operating systems. Any ways despite that fact, there are some exquisite new features that we are sure that you will enjoy on the latest OS from Android.

1. Media Controls: With the latest OS, you are able to move all the playback media controls from the notifications panel to just below the Quick setting button. Meaning that “clear all” will no longer clear the controls.

2. Conversations and Bubbles: Direct conversations with your contacts are now displayed at the top of your notification panel. This then means that they will be automatically sifted from the rest of the messages that you may have on your phone.

3. Screen Recorder: There has always been an issue with recording your screen while using Android, but now you can do through the features that come with Android 11. That means that you can also record your best online casinos usa wins as you play, as long as you are using android 11.

4. Power Button Menu: Android 11 comes with a full-fleshed power button menu that comes complete with the Google payment methods as well.

5. Emoji: The best part about the new OS from Google is that it comes with 117 new emoji. That is a new selection for emoji that we can use for conversations.

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