When starting up a new small business, the last thing you need is extra costs – especially when there’s a program out there that will do the job for free! There are plenty of fantastic free tools available on the web to help your business grow, and taking advantage of them is as easy as signing up and getting started. Here are a few of the best options to try out today.

#1: Google Slides

Google is renowned for its handy free tools, and Slides is one of the best in its suite. The program provides a free way to create pitch decks and PowerPoint presentations, while also allowing you to easily collaborate on them with your employees and consultants. The slides are easy to make, present and update, and they also integrate seamlessly with Microsoft.

#2: Trello

A massive portion of today’s savvy freelancers and business owners uses this completely free project management tool. Trello boasts convenient to-do lists, delegation features, and quick online collaboration if you need to work remotely.

#3: Canva

Need to design something professional, without the costs of hiring a graphic designer? Canva is for you. This program comes with an incredible range of free design tools that you can use to create PPC adverts, social media ads, slides, magazines, infographics and general business images and logos. It comes with thousands of free stock images attached, and you can even use it to generate custom filters for your brand.

#4: Mailchimp

Email tools are a dime a dozen out there, but Mailchimp has remained at the top of the pole with its amazing integrated tools. Get started with list building and enjoy free automated follow-ups, pop ups, web form features and a basic landing page creator, all in one convenient tool. The program even lets you export your email contact list to another service if you want to switch over at a later point.

#5: Google Trends

If you’re looking for info on what’s in demand in the world at any given time, such as the mobile Casinos Canada has to offer of breaking news stories, turn to Google Trends. This simple tool allows you to easily find out what folks are searching for and talking about online, and tells you when interest in a topic is dropping or soaring as well. It even tells you if there is sufficient traffic to start creating an SEO campaign around the topic of your choice.

#6: Calendly

Paper calendars are so 2009. Nowadays, smart entrepeneurs are turning to tools like Calendly to schedule their appointments, investors’ meetings and phone calls in a flash. The program also integrates with Google Calendar and Wix for even more ease of use.

#7: Boomerang

This Gmail add-on allows you to schedule emails for later, which is ideal for giving yourself time to think before you respond, timing landing-pitch emails to your investors, and targeting marketing statements to go out at the perfect times. Boomerang’s Respondable feature also helps you to write better emails by ranking your messages according to reading levels, positivity, length, and staying on topic.

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