If you’re a vlogger and you deduced it would probably be better to read up about this topic than to watch a YouTube video on it, there you go – you already have you answer as to the single most effective method for gaining genuine viewers and the type of subscribers that will engage with the video content you push. You’ll be lucky if even one of your videos goes viral, after which time you might be chasing the mirage of trying to emulate the numbers around that viral video…

It’s all about content – written content…

Think about the results you get when you search YouTube for videos covering a certain topic, versus the results you get when you type the same search phrase into Google’s search engine proper. You’ll be lucky to find anything relevant and truly informative on YouTube, wouldn’t you, whereas the written content in the form of blogs, papers, website content, etc, is likely to be a lot more informative?

There’s nothing much to it really. It’s simply a matter of written content making for an easier metric with which to gauge relevance and value. You’ll never find an article about a topic, your business offers its services in, that is dragged out unnecessarily to ensure the visitor stays longer, whereas you’re more than likely to find a vlogger babbling on with lots of filler content so that they increase their watch-time. In some instances they’ll even say it outright that viewers should “watch ‘till the end,” whatever reason or incentive they go on to give in return for that request.

So that’s essentially the secret – content, content and more content!

Even if you’re a blogger who writes your own content for a personal or business blog, it helps to commission some content from a professional content writing service provider, sometimes. Some things are just articulated better from the point of view of someone who better represents a potential customer than if they were discussed by an insider. If for instance your business is all about some or other engineering services, the likelihood is that if you tried to write web content about your offerings, you’d get a bit too technical.

Outsourced content covering the same topic would be written in a way that’s more relatable to whomever it is you’re targeting with your content and your business…

Getting back to vloggers though – the ones whose videos get ranked highest and subsequently receive the most engagement are those who complement their videos with written content. It’ll probably only be a matter of time before all YouTubers catch on, or maybe not, but anybody who seeks to boost their views and subscriptions would do very well to have some written content published online, linking to their videos.

The key is to mix it up too, such as getting a content writing agency to generate content relevant to your video, which you will then perhaps publish on your blog and then embed the video within that post.

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