I’m in no way affiliated with Ubuntu, but I’m a long-time fan and have seemingly become somewhat of an expert. So, after merely trying out what UK gamers indicated to the best mobile casino, I tested its operation on the Ubuntu OS. I got so many questions about Ubuntu in general, many of which have nothing to do with the original topic and experiment, so I decided to publish them and my answers to them:

Ubuntu is a platform built to install, operate, and optimise Linux desktop applications. The product is free software, available from many download sites including the Ubuntu Software Centre. Ubuntu is used as the basis for consumer and business desktop distributions, including Linux Mint, Linux Protean, and Ubuntu Linux Enterprise Desktop.

Please refer to the Software Centre page for more information.

How do I get Ubuntu?

On the desktop, choose the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Did you make a payment on Ubuntu Software Centre?

No, you made a purchase on the Ubuntu Store.

Are you a developer?

No, you can use any of the other applications.

What’s Ubuntu branded?

When you use Ubuntu, the system is branded by Ubuntu, Inc.

Can I get Ubuntu as a download?

Yes. See the Software Centre for downloads.

Can I get Ubuntu as an ISO?

Yes. See the Software Centre.

Use the Virtual Machine Manager (VMware) for the software installation.

What is the environment of Ubuntu?

Windows and Android are also popular consumer desktop environments, while the desktop environment of most business systems is Linux-based.

Where can I get help or share ideas with the Ubuntu community?

On the IRC (web-based chat system) If you can’t find anyone there, ask on the forum.

Can I create an account?


What is the name of the Ubuntu community?

The Ubuntu Community, the most active, friendly, and knowledgeable forum on the Ubuntu site.

How do I use the forums?

On Ubuntu, follow the instructions here to get started.

Can I get started with the forums?

Yes, go to the forums and go to the Ubuntu Forums.

Can I use the forums for help?

The forums are for people to help each other, not to give assistance to others.

How do I set up a special forum account?

Please see the instructions at the forum.

Is there a chatroom?

Yes. See the Chatroom page.

Can I use the forums to talk about business and computer topics?

Some discussion about business is available in the Business and Computing Forum.

What is Ubuntu’s business group?

The Business and Computing group is for discussion of business solutions and the software to manage them.

Can I share ideas with the Business and Computing group?

Yes, you can send them your ideas, products, reports, files, and comments.

How do I join?

Use the Sign Up page on the forum.

Is the Business and Computing forum closed?

The Business and Computing forum is completely separate from the Community Forum.

Is the Business and Computing forum monitored by moderators?

Yes, everyone is monitored by moderators, and anyone may report or close a topic if they find it against the Community Forum rules.

Is the Community forum monitored by moderators?

Yes, anyone is monitored by moderators.

What is a moderator and how do I become one?

A moderator is a moderator for an open community forum. Moderators and volunteers review, moderate, or remove comments, links, or photos.

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