Online betting platforms continue to spring up in their droves, along with traditional online casinos. It’s no secret though that as per the regulations governing the operation of such betting platforms as casinos, a certain portion of what they rake in, in earnings, has to be paid back to the players who take a punt on those platforms, as winnings.

Casinos and online sports betting platforms try to set themselves apart by offering the likes of signup bonuses and other promotions, as well as attractive odds. Basically the playing field is levelled in this way, but how does one set themselves apart from the crowd if pretty much the same value is afforded to every player? It’s through value-leveraging, which simply entails making use of the same privileges afforded to you and every other player to create more value which you can cash-in on. We’re going to cover this in action via an online betting case study, through which betting promo codes are basically handed out to anyone and everyone who stumbles upon them.

Taking advantage of your Draftkings promo code

This is the most basic way of taking advantage of the promotional offer afforded to you and everyone else who catches wind of its availability. With something like a Draftkings promo code, it’s a simple matter of clicking on the promotional link you will have stumbled across, as the promotional code is built-into the sign up link. So there’s no need to take down codes or anything of that sort.

Already, this gives you an advantage over the many other punters who unlike you, won’t be qualifying for something like a deposit bonus since they haven’t taken the time to hunt these types of promotions, or they simply don’t know about them.

Sharing draftkings promo code links

This is perhaps the first layer, so to say, of leveraging value which you basically acquired for free. Sharing is caring, and when you share information such as the fact that a fellow online sports bettor can get a hefty bet-and-deposit bonus like you did, subconsciously they feel as if they owe you a favour back. That’s some value you can cash-in on in any number of ways, within reason, of course.

Creating content that can be monetized around draftkings promo code links

Online bettors who would jump at the chance to take advantage of the draftkings promo code links you share are humans too, just like you, which means they have other needs, desires, concerns, etc, beyond the core action of sport betting which initially drew them to your content. These other needs, desires, concerns, etc, can be monetized as well.

For example, a subscription to a live sports streaming site might take the fancy of someone who is into sport betting, in which case you could point them in the direction of a live sports streaming service of which you’re an affiliate. That’s free extra money…

Other content creation channels such as discussing expert picks via YouTube can also be used as a leveraged monetization channel built on top of the promo code links. Possibilities are endless, really…