To virtualise something is to create a version which is non-actual. This is done by professionals who design and implement virtualised server environments. Virtualisation is highly effective for application on servers, software and desktops because it can save money and reduce the number of necessary software licences.

How do you know if you need virtualisation?

If your business runs a lot of software, applications and find yourself struggling with memory, speed or data, virtualisation could be the solution for you.

Virtualisation simulates environments or resources from one server and makes it act as lots of separate servers. By using virtual machines (VM’s) the resources from one server is split to be used appropriately for different purposes.

How might it be useful to your business?

  1. Increase server efficiency
  2. Increase business continuity
  3. Aid software development
  4. Security updates and patch testing
  5. Cut costs by reducing servers

Now that you know more about virtualisation why not get in touch with some experts and see how they could help improve your business?

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