Most of 2020 was spent in a state of lockdown as health workers and government around the world struggled with trying to get the Covid-19 pandemic under control and citizens alike were trying to isolate themselves from the disease.

Although it was thought that 2021 would ‘magically’ bring life back to ‘normal’ (read pre-Covid-19) we’re still in varying stages of lockdown – with some countries enforcing stricter measures than others are.

One thing which has kept all of us sane are apps as they provide us with a semblance of normality. From online shopping to videoconferencing, to gaming and exercise, apps provide us with a link to the outside world, although we may not physically be able to be there.

Here’s a recap of the most popular apps.


It’s so easy to become caught up in the daily onslaught of numbers – lockdown levels, infections as well as damage to the economy – that it can be difficult to relax. Headspace, which is an app to guide you in meditation – has justifiably received a lot of media attention as one of the best meditation and relaxation apps out there.

Headspace makes meditation accessible to anyone and everyone. It feeds you daily exercises that are stripped of any mystical connotations. In a period of time in our lives when fear and anxiety are part of our daily lives, making time to relax is one of the most critical things that we are able to do.


You may find it tough to keep your focus if you’re working from home. One way to keep your concentration on point is by splitting your workday into 25-minute pieces that are called Pomodoros. In each of these Pomodoros, you’re meant to accomplish a single task, and afterwards, you get a five-minute break. After four Pomodoros, you’re allowed to take a longer break, up to half an hour. This keeps your mind fresh and also encourages you to spend that time productively.

There is a fortune of apps that are devoted to this Pomodoro concept. However, the nicest one that we’ve used is Forest. For each 25-minute session, you plant a tree and see it grow slowly. If you switch to a different app on your phone, the sapling will die, but if you make it to the end of the 25 minutes, you’re rewarded with a fully grown tree.

Netflix Party

If you miss watching Netflix shows with your friends then thanks to Netflix Party you are still able to enjoy a movie night with your mates no matter where you all happen to be. It’s as entertaining as playing at an online casino and engaging with others in tournmants or chat room. This Chrome extension is free and generates a unique link to send to other friends who have a Netflix account so that you can all watch the same movie at the same time. It syncs video playback automatically and includes a group chat feature.

If some of your pals don’t have Netflix, have a look at the free Watch2Gether Chrome extension. This is compatible with YouTube, Vimeo as well as DailyMotion. In addition, it has features that are similar to Netflix Party.

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