If you are a fruit juice producer or make your own line of speciality juices – or if you are thinking of branching out and having a fruit juice business – one of the most popular (if not the most popular) juices on the market is orange juice. It is still as popular today as it was when it was first introduced, even though the new generation has become very particular about the products – and juices – they consume! However, there is no doubt that it is healthy, and there are many reasons for its popularity – not just among juice enthusiasts and the average consumer but also among fruit juice makers and manufacturers. So why is orange juice still the most popular juice, not just in Britain but all over the world? Here are the answers to your most essential questions.

The general view

Most people like orange juice – it is one juice that kids are introduced to as soon as they are old enough to sit at a table. It is bought by most consumers worldwide and is seen frequently on the breakfast table, especially in countries like the US. Orange juice is more popular than other juices, such as apple, mango, pineapple, peach, and so on. But what makes it a win-win to drink and produce?

  • It is easily obtainable

Any fruit juice manufacturer, especially one specialising in orange juice supplies, would tell you that the orange fruit that makes juice drink or fresh juice has a high water content – and comes with a low cost. This combination of factors makes it easily obtainable as well. And as a fruit, the orange has many relatives – there are more than a thousand varieties available, so manufacturers have many options and alternatives. And one more thing – oranges can be harvested almost any season, making them even more easily obtainable.

  • There are different varieties

As mentioned, oranges come in different varieties – in other words, there are many different species. It is a true highly-commercialised fruit, and since its demand is so high, there are now even more species from which to choose. For instance, Orinda or honeyed orange, was developed to make up for the gap in production. Furthermore, this development helps enhance the quality, and the orange is highly-adaptable to the most popular consumer tastes.

  • It’s easily processed

Another aspect that makes orange juice wildly popular is it’s easily processed (unlike other fruits). Most of the available juice drinks today are made from concentrate – there needs to be a high volume of materials that can be easily processed. For example, the cores and peels should be easily removed, and the slag and pulp should be easily separated. It makes the orange a perfect raw material – because its peel is easy to deal with and doesn’t have much slag. In contrast, apple juice is difficult to process because you still have to squeeze the pulp, filter the apple juice, and remove the pectin and fibres, which takes time and effort.

Also, the flavour is easy to compound – meaning it’s easy to replicate the taste, which can help some manufacturers with the cost.

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