People tend to view clip-on ties negatively, but they hold several advantages over traditional neckties that could prove persuasive when looking for logo ties. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider clip-on ties over standard neckties.


Safety is one of the major advantages of wearing a clip-on tie. If you pull on it, it simply comes off in your hand. That might not sound like a good thing, but imagine you’re in an environment where someone might want to cause trouble. They would only need to grab your tie to have you at a distinct disadvantage – this is why security personnel usually wear clip-ons. And it isn’t just people you need to watch out for. If your logo ties will be worn around machinery, for example, there’s always a chance they could get caught.


Standard neckties will never look quite the same, even when they’re of the same material and design. Some people will use different knots. Others will use the same knot but make theirs tighter or looser than average. And there’s always the annoyance of getting all ties the same length. If you want to maintain a sense of uniformity across all team members, clip-on logo ties might be for the best.


If your logo ties are going to be worn around young children, it’s generally a better idea to opt for clip-ons. Babies and toddlers like to grab onto things that drift near their hands, and your neck tie can do that whenever you bend down. A child unwilling to let go of your tie isn’t a safety issue, but it can be more than a little annoying.


Finally, keep in mind how simple it is to put on and take off a clip-on tie. They’re a clear winner in the convenience department, and you’ll find this benefit particularly attractive if your logo ties are going to be worn in a fast-paced environment where team members need to take them on and off at the drop of a hat.

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