I recently went to a tech-funding convention which was dealing particularly in offering a platform for crowd-funders to come together with start-up entrepreneurs in the technology space and something very interesting I took note of was the segmentation of the types of tech entrepreneurs in attendance. In particular I’m referring to just how scant the numbers were with regards to those tech entrepreneurs who possess the full complement of web development skills – and I’m talking here technical skills which would have them introducing themselves as experts in the field.

There just aren’t that many tech entrepreneurs who take it upon themselves to sit down at their computer and hammer away some code, simply because it requires of them to do the exact opposite in order to succeed in their ventures and actually make the ranks of top tech entrepreneurs. So there are a number of reasons for this, one of which has to do with the fundamental entrepreneurial spirit, which is evident even in the case of an entrepreneur who is pursuing opportunities in the tech space.

Top entrepreneurs are problem-solvers

Well sure, web development in itself entails lots and lots of problem solving, but that’s only within the field of Computer Science – assuming there is a back-end side to the solution being built as the project or venture. Top entrepreneurs, even those who do possess an interest in the technical side of what goes into the creation of their tech ventures, prefer to solve problems at the consumer level, leaving the spade-work to seasoned professionals and experts whose sole dedication is to the technical development side of things.

Top entrepreneurs are in love with the rain-making process

So, in the very earliest phases of a tech start-up, usually the founder or the innermost circle of founders don’t quite have the capital to start their venture, so they acquire or deploy technical skills they already have in order to essentially bootstrap the operation. Think the likes of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, etc. These guys did pretty much all the coding work associated with the products they wanted to get to the market back when they were starting out, simply because they not only didn’t have the capital to get started, but more importantly they didn’t have the track-record which could land them any investment they could very well have done with, in those earliest stages.

When top entrepreneurs and business minds have established some kind of track-record they hang up their keyboards, so to say and don’t do any of the physical coding work unless they really have to. Rolling out a new project which requires some development would simply be a matter of legally protecting the Intellectual Property and then handing over the technical work to a specialist web development company, in the case of it being a web-based project or venture.

Top entrepreneurs always see a bigger-picture

Doing things in this way goes back to how top entrepreneurs are problem solvers who always see a bigger-picture in mind that they want to pursue, freeing up their time to focus on the rain-making process which drives the true entrepreneurial spirit.

So ultimately the web development business is more like a professional specialty, which is a lot different to the exploits of what makes an entrepreneur.

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