Your Facebook live streaming quality will never be the same again. Wowza Media Company, a partner of Facebook unveiled a streaming device that improves the quality of videos you stream on Facebook Live. The device will be used by professional broadcasters or media companies to ensure that you receive top-notch streaming quality. Wowza ClearClaster was developed in partnership with Facebook. Facebook Live has become very important in this era when a lot of companies reach their viewers through Facebook Live. Even some casino online have Facebook profiles.

ClearClaster allows you to stream all types video formats such as 4K Ultra High Definition and 1080p at 30fps. The new device can easily fit into broadcasters systems and setups, it automatically and perfectly configures the settings of a streamer’s systems. Professional broadcasters now will not have to worry about bad streaming quality like connection problems, video, and sound quality. Furthermore, ClearClaster makes it simple to connect an editing system or live video feed to the web and validate right away to publish on Facebook Live. It will improve the interaction between broadcasters and their Facebook followers through professional-quality broadcasts.

The ClearClaster will be available at a price of $6 495 and includes three years of service. If you’re a professional blogger and you want to improve the number of your viewers definitely this is your device. It enables you to see Live comments or reactions from viewers. Thus it keeps you engaged with them by reacting in real time. Moreover, there is a function called Talent View functionality, allows on-camera personalities to see exactly what viewers or followers see.

Another feature is a built-in countdown clock that signals the precise time your stream goes live for you and your followers’ convenience. The ClearClaster is designed to support inputs including HDMI and SDI connections to allow direct feed from HD cameras and other broadcasting equipment. Have a look here if you find yourself asking what does hdmi stand for so that you can better understand your technological equipment and its capabilities.

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